Why Content Advertising is Important for Your Brand Growth?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Apple’ ?

There is only a 1 in 100 chance that you thought of the apple fruit from the tree of knowledge, and a much higher chance that your mind landed straight on the famously recognized technology company founded by Steve Jobs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine example of how effective content marketing can turn the tables for your business development.

Zoning in on the biggest influencers and true movers of the marketing world, big names like Apple, Google and Amazon mark as some of the most well-known brands who have successfully imprinted themselves on our minds.

In the world of automobiles, its Mercedes and talk about bottled water, the first thing reminded to us by bottled water is Nestle – but wait, do you know where it all started?

It started at the ‘Just do it’ and it goes on and on until the most recent Coca-cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’, so why wouldn’t you taste the feeling of that great content advertisement coming your way?

Hence, coming to my point, the secret ingredient to the success recipe for your brand growth is the quality and strength of its advertising content.

Although there are several ways of going about business development; multiple strategies (such as Market Penetration, Product Development, Diversification etc) that you could possibly use to make your brand flourish and stand out amongst its competitors, however, the direction in which the marketing domain is headed right now, one of the best methods to achieve your goal is content advertisement itself. 

In this era of information revolution, extra-ordinary content gives your brand the advantage of effective and rapid growth across your target audience.

Whether its product branding, personal branding or a social media profile that you want to advertise, let’s see why content marketing is important in making your thing become the next talk-of-town?

But before we dive into the why’s and I start bombarding you with reasons why quality content marketing is so essential, let me give you a brief explanation of what I mean by quality content.

What is Quality Content?

In the vast world of marketing, content can refer to anything which involves the creation and sharing of online material such as blogs, slogans, taglines, videos, gifs, images, podcasts or social media posts – all of which are aimed at piquing the audience’s interest in your product.

As it is famously said: “Content is a double-edged-sword. A good content can become a crowd-puller whereas a bad content can be lethal and pull you down.”

Having said that, quality content actually implies effectiveness such that whichever medium of content you use, it should deliver valuable, relevant, concise and consistent pool of information to your audience instead of unnecessary clutter, ambiguous and ineffective information which may kill the whole purpose of content marketing.

Through all of the desirable features, your content should achieve its goal; drive traffic and google search rankings. Thus, don’t judge ‘quality’ based on the time and money put into creating content but on the condition whether the content was able to stir up the interest you aimed for, did it hit the target?

Now moving on, let’s see how and why quality content marketing can really cut the edge for you.

1: Engaging Your Target Audience

The first and foremost function of content advertising is to attract and engage your target audience. Your first step would be to single out your targeted audience and then subsequently produce content relative to their demographics; such that it could grab their undivided attention and whole-hearted interest.

Here, quality content does 2 important things for you. First, reaching out to interested consumers with relevant information, and second, it effectively filters out uninterested skimmers through the proverbial funnel.

Ideally speaking, you should know how to shape your content to include eye-catching pictures on the Willy Wonka candy bar for kids, alongside a health promising sugar-free version of it for the kids parent, and not vice versa!

Once you’ve successfully grabbed the spotlight, take the floor for further strategic movement.

2: Keeping Your Audience in their Happy Place

If you are great at attracting customers, your strategy is definitely working out well to begin with, but chances are that you may end up neglecting the next step; which is retaining your audience.

In the longer term, your brand’s success has more to do with how well it retains its audience than how many people it attracts to begin with.

I assume that you understand why, but for those of you who may not realize its importance, here is why customer retention is extremely crucial to your business growth.

Good content marketing will do you the favor of not just pouring in the right kind of customer pool, but it will deliver the value of what you have to offer them and therefore hold them to their seats in the front row through the years. 

Effective content production, can be endlessly useful to help convince your customer as to why he should prefer you against your competitors in the market.

3Building Your Brand’s Credibility

Trust and loyalty go hand in hand, so if you want to convince your audience of the authenticity and originality of your brand, that’s exactly the kind of content you should use to represent your brand; all authentic and original.

People always seek to buy from a credible brand name, so if you succeed in manifesting your brand image as one that’s fairly original and stands out from its competitors in terms of good content advertising, it can really up the game for you.

4: Driving Consumer Conversions

Compelling content can engage potential customers and site visitors to actually respond to your advertising message and turn visitors into loyal customers.

Content production which includes interesting visuals and makes use of urgency techniques such as low-stock alerts, limited-time deals and countdown timers for sales increases the chances of your sale by 332%. So at the end of the day, the effectiveness of your content tactics can elicit an actual response from the consumer.

5:  Securing Your Place in Top Ranks through SEO

Think about a time when you were in a desperate search to hire a content writer for your company, so you headed straight to the web and typed in a string of keywords to find the best content writer in your locality, and boom!

Big bold letters coming right up first in the list tell you that FindContentWriters is your go-to place, so you then hit on the link and there’s your solution!

Similarly, how a bunch of customers are likely to end up at your product/service might also be in a much similar way.

But that would only be if you are successful in pushing yourself up through the ranks of the search engine results. That, you can do with SEO content. And might I say more how optimized SEO content will do wonders for your business development?!

Try it for yourselves, and see how it helps grow your brand into a promising success. 

The Takeaway!

In conclusion, we assure you that you can rely upon good content marketing strategies to make your way into the dominant positions within the market. If you’re already pitched and ready for your hike into using the best methods of marketing content production, here’s some further help to assist you through the process.