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TextPoet - Taking care of quick & easy messaging

For how long can you stay without your phone ?

Did this question drown you in a sea of thoughts like it did to me ? Not to sound like a tech addict but , this supreme technology has turned out to be so helpful that it almost looks like an impossible idea to live without smartphones.

In case you hadn’t noticed carefully, our lives run on our phones and perhaps it all started with its quick communication feature.

Gone are those days, when handwritten letters and fancy cards were used to know how our friends and family were doing. The job has been taken over by smartphones – big time. However, let’s face facts, most people are texting these days as it is easy to do and does not require you to pause what you’re doing like phone calls do.

A traditional text message seems a little behind the times though. With the explosion of popular, creative messaging apps, the built-in SMS feature looks outdated.

There are so many ways to send text messages today that whether you’re an Android or an Iphone user, you’ve probably tried searching for multiple texting applications. And when we’re looking for a texting application, an app that is user friendly and offers all kinds of interactions is our first priority. Speaking of which, say Hi to ‘TextPoet’.

Textpoet - makes messaging incredibly easy and enjoyable

TextPoet is an absolute SMS solution for consumers or business users who want to communicate via texting. This new iPhone app is here to improve your messaging efficiency by offering you professional text responses at the touch of a button !

TextPoet allows users to create, save, and use pre-written messages in iMessenger. Whether you’re forming a new message or replying to an old one,TextPoet will let you browse your organized collection(s) to find the perfect message for any situation.

This article will further explain how TextPoet can be your all time buddy.

Free yourself from blunderous typos

We can all relate to the times when we sent a message, later we were guilty of. Especially when we’re in a hurry and typos take advantage of our situation.

This application helps its users eliminate typos or autocorrect mistakes by reducing the need to type messages on the fly. For anyone who finds it hard to type fast on a small keyboard, or is a common victim of spelling mistakes, TextPoet can fix these very common problem for the busy bees.

Hit the download button if you want to save your time and repute both !

Textpoet has pre written set of texts within its application, all you gotta do is open textPoet from the bottom app drawer, find the response you desire and hit send !
Sounds easy, right ? That’s how we all want it to be.

TextPoet Community

You’ll be amazed how creative people can be with messages. Incase you ever want to sound funny and humor doesn’t come to you naturally, view the community text responses across different categories and replace your boring texts with some interesting ones.

Share and like the most popular responses with the TextPoet community for a better interactive experience.

How to use Collections in TextPoet

Organised and aligned information saves us all from a lot of annoyance. TextPoet has it all sorted out for you.

Fast text, outreach, meet up, greeting, thankyou are some pre existing categories with most popular responses saved on it separately. Still not sure about it ? let’s have a look at some examples;

‘I’ll get right back with you…’

‘Hi! How are you? I wanted to follow to see if you were interested in our services.’

‘It’s been a while. What are you upto these days?’

I do not know how to fully express my appreciation, but for now, simply, Thankyou.’

You’ll find each of these and more of the same kind in their respective collection. Now, imagine how convenient it would be to not feel the need of typing them over and over again. However, if you’re searching for a response, use of keywords will make your browsing easy.

You can create your own collection filled with texts of your choice. That’s how you reuse pre-written texts.

  • Auto Capitalisation
  • Spell check
  • Creating custom texts
  • Organising collections
  • Reusing pre-written messages
  • Easy browsing through hashtags
  • Creating custom emojis
  • Sharing and interacting with the TextPoet community

Text with convenience

If this article just got you thinking about the trends in messaging apps, you must now be wondering whether you should ditch your phone’s default texting feature in favor of this new messaging app, well that’s totally worth it!

Texting began as a great way to send simple messages to family and friends, but over the years it has become a necessity and with that approach you need an efficient messaging app that cares about your fluent communication. And when its about fluent communication, TextPoet won’t disappoint you!

Recapping the features in a nutshell

TextPoet community is a great place where you can create and share your ideas along with enlightening the recipient on the other end.