How “Find Content Writers” Helped IrisVision’s Organic Traffic Grow by 773% in a Year?

Like most internet based startups, IrisVision had to brave through cutthroat competition, and quite frankly, they weren’t expecting that much of it when they started. They offer an innovative low vision solution designed to augment visual capabilities of people suffering from low vision issues due to a host of eye problems, such as Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and so forth.

IrisVision can help you with

Macular Degeneration

Juvenile Macular Degeneration
Best’s Disease
Stargardt’s Disease

Retiniti’s Pigmentosa

Optic Nerve Damage
Diabetic Retnopathy

However, being a startup, they had various handicaps against significantly better positioned competitors with much stable online presence; for instance, eSight, NuEyes, Jordy and aira to name a few. This also included their financial restraints, making it even more difficult for them to prosper in a highly competitive industry.

While the bigger brands enjoyed the benefits of greater brand awareness, IrisVision (IV) resorted to an effective content strategy, plying on smart work rather than hard work, and with much more cost effective approach.

In short, they were able to garner the required competitive edge to stay abreast with their competitors and eventually outsmart them in many aspects in a much shorter span of time.

In a little over a year, their organic traffic increased by a whopping 773% approximately while, propelling to a leading position against their top competitors.

How They Did It?

That’s right, not every other small brand with a niche focus stands out against established competitors with broader appeal. So, how did IV succeed in doing so, especially with the financial restraints in place?

Well, they kept it simple but effective, going one step at a time, making incremental progress.

A mutual reference introduced Ammad, IrisVisioin’s CEO, to “FindContentWriters” (FCW),
who shared his concerns and challenges with FCW team in detail. Fact of the matter is that he was quite skeptical about making worthwhile progress against industry bigwigs. However, he grew in confidence when he was presented with a comprehensive blueprint of the content strategy in a matter of a few sessions.

“I wasn’t expecting much when I first met the FCW team, to be honest”, Ammad opened up a few months later. “However, I was quite surprised and motivated the way they responded, taking much pain and ownership, pushing me to dig deep into what I actually wanted, what was bothering me and in how much I was expecting to give them. What really struck me was the detailed blueprint of the content strategy in such a short time, because we were already engaged with it by ourselves for months, but weren’t able to sum it up the way they did in only a couple of weeks,” shared Ammad.

“FCW” continued to surprise Ammad as he started seeing the first bunch of keywords popping up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in just over a month.

“In fact, I was worried if they were somehow involved in blackhat seo, because I started seeing our keywords hardly after one month after they took over the content strategy,” he laughed off later on. “But how could they, because they shared the details of the strategy with me beforehand every single week”. He further added, “Let me tell you it feels really good when your brand name starts showing up with top guns every now and then”.

The Snapshot of IrisVision’s Success Story

When looking back at your success from a distance, everything seems to be right in place, like perfectly fitted pieces of puzzle. However, it’s never that simple with success, having its own lows and highs, goods and bads; but it always sets an example for those following the tale.

Let’s have a look at tidbits of IV’s accomplishments, gauging how they’re faring right now:


IrisVision grew by approximately 773% in 16 months, expanding its keyword portfolio from a few keywords to more than hundred keywords ranked in SERPs.


This is how ahref gives IrisVison’s performance snapshot currently, securing a commendable URL ranking of 43 with a domain rating of 39. It has also been able to accumulate well over 7K organic backlinks supplemented amply by 545 referring domains.


According to similarweb stats, organic traffic constitutes about one third of the total traffic from search for IV.


Of course, this organic outreach would not have been possible without highly performing keywords, a number that has seen constant progress for IV. Starting with a few keywords, now their keyword portfolio has grown to well over 100 keywords making their way in top SERP results.


IrisVision have been able to reap the compounding benefits of steady organic growth, thanks to their timely decision of adopting effective content strategy led by a dedicated team of professionals from “”.

If you are having tough time wading through the ever growing competition online, it’s about time you let professionals take charge and propel you ahead with the help of an effective content strategy.

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